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Classic donuts with variations
Bella di Papà
The very classic donut in many delicious variations.
Leavened, fried and frozen specialties, ready to eat in few minutes.
Ciambella Classica L
Ciambella Classica M
Ciambella Classica S
Ciambella Crema

Donut �L�
The classic donut,
tasty and fragrant from
our Italian tradition.
weight: 60 g. *
Medium Donut

Donut �M�
The small sized donut:
� = 8,5 cm
weight: 30 g. *
Small Donut

Donut �S�
Our very news
with � = 7,5 cm.
weight: 25 g. *
Cream Donut

Donut �L�
The classic donut enriched
with a cream filling.
weight: 70 g. *
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