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Krapfen Ciambelle Ricoperte Ciambele Classiche
Our products
Homemade pastries born from passion and a constant research of Italian taste and authenticity.

Wheat flour from our fields, sugar from our beets, natural yeasts.

The Frying Specialists also carefully select the cooking fats:
Hydrogenated palm oil for products with high nutritional values. Leavened, fried and frozen specialties, ready to eat in few minutes.

All our products:
Krapfen“Mama’s heart”
Donuts “Daddy’s darling”
Glazed donuts “Fries freaks”
Cream donuts
Hazelnuts and cocoa cream donuts
Cream Krapfen
Apricot Krapfen
Hazelnut and cocoa cream donuts
ExtraLarge donut
Classic hearts (empty)
Milk and cream cream hearts
Hazelnuts and cocoa cream hearts
Hearts filled with apricots
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